Free Photos versus Cheap Stock Photos

There are two types of images available in the internet – free photos and cheap stock photos. While they both perform the same functions, each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. You can use either of them for your creative needs, but you need to recognize the certain risks that they entail. Now, let’s see why you should choose one above the other.

Free Photos

As the name suggests, free photos do not require you to get your money out. It sounds tempting, right? Who does not like free things? Nothing sounds as exciting as free photos. You can find them in search engines, where you can simply search and download. Search engines offer free photos that are labeled for reuse commercially. Some even allow modifications to fit your theme. But, are all these worth it?

Free photos, while free, entails certain legal risks. These photos do not protect you from copyright laws both locally and internationally. You may be facing some legal risks if you use these photos as they do not include specific terms and conditions that give you information about how many times you can use the image, where you can use it and how you use it. Keep in mind that just because they are labeled free does not mean you can use them whenever, wherever and however you want.

Cheap Stock Photos

Unlike free photos, these images are not free. But, they are cheap. They are offered in many stock photo sites in as low prices as possible. They are available for single purchases and subscription plans. If you only need one image, pay as you or pay as you download will get you the image you want. If you require more images, a subscription plan is the best choice. It will not only give you many images but cheaper prices as well.

For a cheap price, these stock images protect you from legal consequences. Why is this important? For the very cheap price of stock photos from trusted stock photo sites, you will be able to avoid costly fines from copyright issues. For the price of $1, for instance, you can dodge thousands of dollars’ worth of fines. These images include terms and conditions that inform you about the proper use of image to avoid hefty penalties.

With these advantages and disadvantages, you should be able to choose the best. Are you using free photos from search engines? If you are, you should stop being a cheapskate. Set aside money to get cheap stock photos to save yourself from a bigger spending in the future. Remember, copyright disputes are very heavy. From your desire to save a dollar, you can lose thousands.

A Worthy Dollar Photo Club Alternative from Stock Photo Secrets

99club-by-spsThe Dollar Photo Club has announced it is terminating all its services on April 15, 2016. This means that members will no longer have access to their member area and purchase history. You will not be allowed to update your billing information as well. You will not be charged on your payment method in the future as your renewals will no longer be processed. In short, you can no longer avail of the one dollar per image feature of the website.

This may be a shock, but fortunately Stock Photo Secrets got you covered. Stock Photo Secrets’ 99 Club is a great Dollar Photo Club alternative that offers twice the image downloads for the same price. You can download 200 images from small, medium to XXL for only $99 per year. You can pick any creative assets such as stock photo, vector, and premium font from its vast collection of over 4 million stock files. In fact, 60,000 to 80,000 new images are added every month to broaden your selection.

The 99 Club image collection includes high quality, royalty-free images that can be downloaded and used forever. That’s right image downloads do not expire so you can use them in any project for as long as you like. It is constantly growing so you will sure find what you are looking for to complete your creative projects. If 200 images are not enough for your creative needs, you can get additional images without limits for only 99 cents.

With 99 Club, you do not have to worry about hidden fees; prices are straightforward. The membership is an annual thing. The stock photo website will not auto renew your membership at the end of the year. You can download as many images as you need in a month. You can even download them all in one day. 99 Club is easy to use and search friendly. It gives you more than having to go through the hassles of migrating into Adobe Stock.

99 club home

This may come as bad news for current members because refunds are out of the conversation. You can still get your unused downloads on Adobe though. While you can transfer your account to Adobe Stock and redeem your unused downloads, 99 Club is a better Dollar Photo Club alternative as it provides new members with 200 images for $99 – double the amount of downloads you can get from DPC. You can still download images from DPC until April 15, but after that, the stock site will cease all operations.

The 99 Club is just like the Dollar Photo Club. The only difference is that the former offers more. It is fast with easy to understand terms and conditions. And, it currently offers the best value for royalty-free images. These features, when summed up, are what makes the 99 Club a worthy Dollar Photo Club alternative.


Why Ignoring Adobe Stock Images Will Cost You Time and Sales

adobe stock artists
If you’re one of the many marketers who have not chosen their stock photo agency for the year, you may be in luck. At this point, you probably noticed how valuable stock photo images can be and what they can do for your business. In fact, the longer you takes to purchase a subscription from the stock photo agency of your choice, the longer it’s going to affect your business, costing you time and sales.

So then why would ignoring Adobe Stock cost you time and sales? Especially if Adobe is just one of many?

One of Many

There’s a lot to choose from. You could go with one of the Big Six. You know, Shutterstock, BigStock, iStock, Dreamstime, Fotolia or StockFresh. These are the ones with the biggest libraries on the market. Furthermore, almost everyone is already familiar with them.

While you may not know is that Adobe owns Fotolia. That makes Adobe stand out as part of this Big Six.

What Makes Adobe Stock Standout

Adobe has with they call the Creative Cloud. When you have a Creative Cloud account, you have access to all of their software titles, should you choose to add them to your subscription. Adobe did more than simply purchased Fotolia so that they could come out with Adobe Stock. When they debuted Adobe Stock, they streamlined their entire process, saving people a ton of time the process.

The Entire Process Has Been Streamlined

adobe stock photo

Adobe caters to the creative professional. This could include artists, graphic designers and more. But they also cater to marketers. Marketers carry the biggest share of customers in the stock photo industry.

In the past, when you needed a stock photo, you had to do one of two things. You could always take the photo yourself. That is always an option. However, most people didn’t do that. They logged in to their stock photo website of choice, found a photo they wanted, downloaded it to their computer, and then proceeded to import the photo into Photoshop.

The Creative Cloud eliminated 90 percent of this process. Nine out of 10 minutes have been eliminated without sacrificing any features. You see, Adobe integrated Adobe Stock (sign up a free trial) into all of their Creative Cloud apps – including Photoshop. That means you can open Photoshop, browse your photo and choose to have it instantly imported into the program, saving you a ton of time and money. In fact, they could save you so much time and money that ignoring Adobe Stock images can cost you more than it should.

What You Should Know about the Industry of Cheap Stock Photos

Photographer ShootingThe market has never been better for image buyers. Photographers are facing stiff competition; the cameras are getting cheaper; digital cameras are becoming a trend; and the cheap stock photo sites are increasing in number. Currently, there are too many choices to get stock photo images from both amateur and professional artists around the world. With millions of images scattered across various libraries, the difficult part is finding what you want.

Due to the stiff competition in the stock photo market, stock photo sites have created more flexible pricing and plans, subscription royalty-free offerings, and high quality images from a large number of contributors around the world. Thus, it becomes a goal for these stock photo agencies to differentiate themselves from other photo sites in the market. With a mesmerizing array of license terms, you need to know what you need to look at when buying cheap stock images.

  • Do you want your stock photos cheap to be used by less people? There are stock photo sites that offer unique images that can only be found in their sites. You can also check out rights managed stock.
  • It is typical for buyers to look for the lowest priced images in the market. Microstock agencies offer you just that. With flexible pricing offered in various companies, you will surely find one that suits your budget.
  • Although incredibly affordable, cheap stock photography offers exceptionally high quality creatives.
  • High resolution images are usually more expensive than low resolution images, but they are worth it. You do not want to use blurry, pixelated images in your blog, website and print materials, do you?
  • End Use. There are two types of licenses: Standard and Extended. If you need the images for more print runs, you need to get an extended license.
  • Subscriptions and credit packages are way simpler and faster to provide the images you need.
  • If you need more than one image on a regular basis, subscription plans are often of good value.

shop for cheap stock photos online

If you are looking for stock images with high quality and appropriate license, you will need more than just free creatives. You need to spend a little in order to enjoy high resolution images legally. Fortunately, stock photo agencies provide a better alternative. They offer freebies every week to their subscribers. So, when you sign up to a stock photo site, you can enjoy free photos, illustrations, and videos every week as well. All you need is an active account.

Cheap stock photos (top 5 agencies here) provide great value and low prices. Offered at a range of subscription and credit prices, they spruce up your creative projects. If you are looking for your next blog or website energizer, consider the factors above.