Free Photos versus Cheap Stock Photos

There are two types of images available in the internet – free photos and cheap stock photos. While they both perform the same functions, each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. You can use either of them for your creative needs, but you need to recognize the certain risks that they entail. Now, let’s see why you should choose one above the other.

Free Photos

As the name suggests, free photos do not require you to get your money out. It sounds tempting, right? Who does not like free things? Nothing sounds as exciting as free photos. You can find them in search engines, where you can simply search and download. Search engines offer free photos that are labeled for reuse commercially. Some even allow modifications to fit your theme. But, are all these worth it?

Free photos, while free, entails certain legal risks. These photos do not protect you from copyright laws both locally and internationally. You may be facing some legal risks if you use these photos as they do not include specific terms and conditions that give you information about how many times you can use the image, where you can use it and how you use it. Keep in mind that just because they are labeled free does not mean you can use them whenever, wherever and however you want.

Cheap Stock Photos

Unlike free photos, these images are not free. But, they are cheap. They are offered in many stock photo sites in as low prices as possible. They are available for single purchases and subscription plans. If you only need one image, pay as you or pay as you download will get you the image you want. If you require more images, a subscription plan is the best choice. It will not only give you many images but cheaper prices as well.

For a cheap price, these stock images protect you from legal consequences. Why is this important? For the very cheap price of stock photos from trusted stock photo sites, you will be able to avoid costly fines from copyright issues. For the price of $1, for instance, you can dodge thousands of dollars’ worth of fines. These images include terms and conditions that inform you about the proper use of image to avoid hefty penalties.

With these advantages and disadvantages, you should be able to choose the best. Are you using free photos from search engines? If you are, you should stop being a cheapskate. Set aside money to get cheap stock photos to save yourself from a bigger spending in the future. Remember, copyright disputes are very heavy. From your desire to save a dollar, you can lose thousands.